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Billy the Kid Amber

A hoppy American Amber brewed with Willamette and Cascade hops. This beer is inspired by the legendary character of Billy the Kid, embodying his restless, bold, and risky character.


ABV: 5.0

IBUs: 42

SRM: 16

L.G. Murphy Dry Irish Stout

This Dry Irish Stout is just like its namesake...all business. L.G. Murphy made a name and fortune for himself in his adopted country and this beer takes a classic Irish Stout recipe and “Americanizes” by using all Northbound American grains and hops from the Pacific Northwest.


ABV: 4.4

IBUs: 32

SRM: 24

44-40 IPA

The 44-40 cartridge was one of the most reliable and common bullet found along the American Frontier. Just like that go-to projectile, our namesake IPA is a classic IPA featuring a balanced but bold flavor driven by a combination of Apollo, Cascade, and Citra hops.


ABV: 5.8

IBUs: 68

SRM: 8

Palomino Pale Ale

John Tunstall had a fondness for racing horses and our Pale Ale is our American take on an English style ESB. This balanced beer is much like something that the young Tunstall might have encountered in his native London. 


ABV: 5.2

IBUs: 43

SRM: 8

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